Trend Watching at the Parade of Homes

Not gonna lie, part of the fun of going to Wichita's Parade of Homes is dreaming of living in the brand new spaces. Also, not gonna lie......I really don't want to make a payment on a 1.4 Million dollar home, even if it is damn close to perfect. There is however, the next best thing...taking a few of Wichita builders and designers ideas and using them in your own home. (Yep, that's what I do.) I have so much I could write about that I'm limiting this post to the three most obvious trends that I saw and you can steal, FOR FREE. Okay, maybe you will have to buy something new, but I can change the look and feel of your home, without you having to change zip codes or get a second job.

#1. Gold Is back. My friend Sally, she's a gold girl, always has been. Me, I've always preferred silver, still do. So imagine when I stepped into the first two Parade of Homes models and within 30 seconds saw the trend edging way over to the GOLD SIDE. No, I didn't go YUCK, I went, "Nice." It looks nothing like my house, which again, I like. It also confirms what Anita Cochran Realty real estate agent and interior designer Dana Leivian has been recommending to her clients....GOLD is good. I actually saw the trend first when Dana took me to a clients last year, and she popped a gold faucet on the granite bathroom counter top and now it's EVERYWHERE. Really, I have pictures to prove it. From lights, mirrors and doorknobs, Go Gold, and everyone will know you are in STYLE.

Now there's a really good chance just looking through those pictures that you saw the trend I like to call #2, Black is HOT. Wait, I sounded so much like Paris Hilton, it dates me...let's call it #2 Black Beauty! Yep, when you are choosing lights, accessories or fixtures and you don't want to choose between Gold and Silver, DON'T. Black is perhaps even a bit bigger in popularity right now than GOLD, so if you can't choose one, do a combo, Black and Gold is it. (Of course, I'm a Wichita State Shocker, I've always been a Black and Gold fan.)

And finally, if you don't have a round mirror in your home, shame on you. I'm feeling extremely fortunate because I have at least 8 (I will have pics at the very bottom, because while most of you don't really care about my house, I want you to have proof of how trendy I really am, Lord knows my kids don't think I am.). Now, while the simply framed round mirror was hands down most seen accessory at the Parade of Homes, any mirror with a very simple frame no matter the shape was just about the only kind of mirror found in the model homes, and frankly the clean lines really helped set off other aspects that the designers/builders have included, which yep. I'm posting about all that soon!

Yep, I love the simple round mirror trend, though not all of mine are as simple as the ones seen in the parade. You'll find them by the grouping in my home, and in Anita Cochran Realty Listings like the one Shasta Wewe just sold!! We like to say, if we wouldn't put it in our home, we won't put it in yours!

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