Tantalizing Tile ?

I've been jonesing for some funky tile for a couple years now, but never really got the guts to invest in something I'm worried is beyond trendy. Well thanks to the recent Wichita Parade of Homes, I guess I have permission to buy. (Though peer pressure isn't always enough to get me to act.)

From the $300,000 to the $1.4 Million dollar homes my peeps toured in the Fall Parade, tile was clearly a place you can have some fun. Have to admit, much of what it did for me, was clarify that just because one TILE is Trendy, doesn't mean the whole wall will be. Take a look at how up close up might indeed be BOLD, but once you stick it all over the walls, the bold becomes somewhat busy in many cases. I guess not coming up the designer rank or being a natural born artist, I like many of you, can't see the whole TILE picture without a PICTURE of what it will look like on a larger scale. Note to self: flip those tiles over when shopping and look at the picture the merchandise is shown in. Better to go, "YUCK" or "YEAH" in the store long before it gets to your wall, floor or backsplash don't you think?

Turns out the looks I love the most went WILD with TEXTURE, rather than pattern or color pops. I have textured tile in my kitchen and I'm hoping that I won't tire of it easily, (Yeah I'm sure my husband Kent is hoping I won't tire of it soon too!)

Then finally, because I can finally have an opinion, (growing up a TV Newscaster/Reporter....I had to be a blank slate most of my life.) I'm gonna show some looks I didn't love! I only am posting them though if someone in the group or someone nearby was heard saying they didn't care for it either (so you can blame me but I'm not the only one that doesn't LOVE it).

  1. Too many TANTALIZING Tiles in one space. Saw lots of overload, most of my group said, fine, have an ACCENT Tile, but keep the rest of it somewhat the neutral. Same goes for just little sections of walls being accented. (Particularly younger buyers were not into that.) Those of us with experience, say what's up with the dark tile in the shower, and with TEXTURE?? That's going to be a nightmare to clean,

#2 Brown..... Below is the exception! Then again none of the tile was brown.

Our millennial mamma found her dream house complete with lots of BROWN wood and beams, (really one of the few we saw that still used brown cabinets and wood accents).

Most other uses of brown in the home were not really appreciated, except for wood floors. ( I never heard a bad word about a wood floor in the parade.). This one in particular wasn't a fan favorite when we were there.

#3 One other tile, "WHAT?" was seen. Really a group of us just said, "WHAT?" when we saw this basement bar. I don't know .....what do you think?

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