Staging Works, and So Do We!

So excited, last week I helped one of my favorite customers get her home ready to sell. Jennifer is the only person who admits she found me on the internet and just "picked" me because she liked what she saw. They were moving from out of state to Wichita and from the moment they saw this home, Jennifer had visions to make it her own! Their plan was spot on, but.......incomplete. Take a look at some of the work they tackled before they called me saying, "Surprise, we're moving!" The "before" of the living room and dining room.


WOW, How gorgeous RIGHT!? Jennifer has a GREAT eye, so it makes it absolutely easy to make those rooms pretty but there was a problem.

Hubby is being unexpectedly transferred at the end of the year, so that moved their five year renovation plan into three year mode. My math meant we had just two weeks to do what they were planning to do over the next two YEARS.

Things like addressing a really DARK kitchen that no longer felt like the rest of the house, mismatched trim, and some bare bones decor upstairs.

I was happy to be involved from the beginning to help them choose the projects that they HAD to tackle, could tackle if they felt like, and the ones that just weren't worth it. With a little time off work, and help from friends, and even their little real estate broker, we had the best bones on the block in just TWO WEEKS.

It's my job to take things from there. This is how the story ends.

At Anita Cochran Realty, I love staging my listings so they will show perfectly. I use the furniture my clients have but I bring a car load (or three) of things with me that I know will photograph well and frankly, will add a little ZING. One of Wichita's best home stagers, Trisha Lee with Lovelee Homes does not stage occupied homes any longer, so I fill that void as part of MY service for my sellers. That's right, it doesn't cost my clients anything.

I also bring in a professional photographer who can show you the house through a camera lens like no other. (Keri Beilman has a great eye that I don't always find in real estate photogs, so I foot the bill for her work as well, because my clients deserve that.)

Someone once said, I don't think I can afford you, and I'm can't afford NOT to hire me. I spend money on my clients, not on leads and it shows when buyers walk into YOUR home. I am not the biggest producer in Wichita, I don't want to be, I want to be the one you trust to get the job done, with STYLE. I really love this job, I hope it shows.

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