Oops I did it again.

I really don't mean to keep adding real estate agents, I mean how many times do we need to take a team picture?? Making the decision on agent number four however, was a DUH! moment (Slap your head here, it really does make it more dramatic!) My youngest daughter Tanza has decided if you have to work, working from HOME is the bomb. After a year at WSU, she decided to master real estate and got her license just this month, an entire month before she turns 19!

Tanza Cochran (& baby Benji)

While she has been going with me to appointments and open houses since I started in the business, her first love is performing. Something changed when she became a momma...(a Doggy Momma that is) and being at home with Benji depending on her, making a home (and some money) became more urgent. So here she is, already working on her first contract (thanks to Aunt Shasta for leaving her listing in Tanza's hands while she was off vacationing!) and doing far better than I felt at that point in my own real estate career.

I can already tell you what I've learned working with my daughter, and someone as young as they come in the work world these days. We are cut from a different cloth, and it's a GOOD thing. As techie as I like to think I am, she is lightning fast on the computer, lightning fast at understanding real estate principles and agencies, and the forms that made me want to puke, she just types them up barely needing me to chime in at all. I feel old, but I know that the sheer energy and "vision" someone her age brings to the table, is one piece that Anita Cochran Realty lacked. Well not anymore. Welcome Tanza Cochran, you have always made Momma proud, and I am once again.

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