I love a good woman owned business. I'm not talking about a huge corporation, though that is cool too, I'm talking about that gal you know who says, "I can do this." Then, she just builds a business, one client at a time.

Today, I'm doing an open house and paying tribute to three of those lovely ladies doing business here in Wichita.

The first, Lindsay, is a magician with SUGAR. She's our Cake Queen and owner of Simply Sunday Cakes & Crafts. Her home business in Andale was brought to my attention by my super crafty niece Kaci, who brought her birthday cake from Simply Sunday to a Sunday Funday at our house to share. Yeah....we fell in love.

Since then, I've introduced my niece Shaylee, who is getting married in two weeks to Simply Sunday Cakes.... and we planned her wedding cakes with Lindsay. Oh, yeah I will post the pictures later.

Then I couldn't stop obssessing over the strawberry crunch cake, which I finally snagged, so basically I have become a groupie. While Lindsay sells out of her creations on a weekly basis, I can't NOT bring her to everyone's attention, so I'm giving away one of her cakes today at my open house. Check out Anita Cochran Realty Facebook, and find out how to win.

Then any client of mine knows I am a flower FREAK. There's nothing better than fresh flowers to brighten a room, or just say "Hey, God must love us......look at these!" I met my current flower hook up when I hosted a team meeting earlier this spring. I actually knew Aram, but only through other people. Then I saw her social media posts from Happy Petals and went YES! Not only does she do custom floral arrangements, but she teaches YOU how to do them too. Which comes in handy when we stage our listings, and then need to freshen things up for open houses.

Today's fresh flowers at the open house at 2903 N. Gulf Breeze in Sandcrest, are her design, and yep, I'm going to give them away too......Check out Anita Cochran Realty Facebook page and get signed up.

And finally a shout-out to a woman I could NOT function without. I'm pretty sure she doesn't know how special she is to me, but Janice, who owns Southern Belle Antiques....that awesome booth at the West Paramount Antique Mall, never lets me down. In the case of the Gulf Breeze House she had the perfect table/chest for the entry way, and she didn't hesitate to let me use it! Oh, and those lamps, yeah I bought those from her. I thought about them for MONTHS after she had used them to help one of my clients decorate.

Unfortunately, I can't give the beautiful chest away, because it's not mine, and you couldn't pry those lamps from my hands with the jaws of life....... BUT I regularly use Southern Belle decor items in staging Anita Cochran Realty listings, so I'm handpicking a little surprise to give away today! Get on over to Anita Cochran Realty Facebook page and take part, and if you get a chance come see me at the open house today 1-3, 2903 N. Gulf Breeze in Sandcrest. Or tune in I'll be live on Facebook throughout the event. Thank you lovely ladies for helping me build my business, let me help you build yours.

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