All my little Pretties are HOME!

I should be all excited that some of my favorite accessories are now back home, and actually back on display in my own home, but I'm not. There are too many of them that my side of the garage is packed full ......a sure sign I need more listings. I mean really someone let me sell their house! I don't know what other agents do, but I make it my first priority to get your home ready for a photo shoot. Yep, it's part of my service to you. This time I only had one casualty....and a broken lamp, but I think I can fix that thing!

My sister Shasta Wewe (and fellow Realtor) thought I was a little "EXTRA" when she first started working with me. I always think, ahhhhh.....I'll just take a few things. Turns out this house was two full car loads :) But what a difference it makes. So anyway......just so you know, I'm ready for your house now. Call ME! 316.304.6575. #Letssellyourhome #nobodydoesitbetter

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